We serve as a single source for all services in all areas of building services planning and the development of energy concepts. We supply customised planning solutions based on a high level of expertise. Our projects are highly cost-effective with outstanding functionality. We benefit in particular from the ongoing work of our project team, who are used to working together and with whom we are able to make the best use of our many years of experience.

We provide services in a large number of technical fields in construction at our company. We address the following fields in our business:

Facility group 1 Wastewater, water and gas facilities
Facility group 2 Heat supply facilities
Facility group 3 Ventilation facilities
Facility group 4 Power plants
Facility group 5 Remote communications and information processing facilities
Facility group 6 Transport facilities
Facility group 7 Specific-purpose facilities, including machinery and electrical facilities in engineering plants
Facility group 8 Building automation
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