The management has experience in the planning of buildings since 25 years.
Over the Last 17 Years DJM has designed a number of different types of buildings throughout Germany. We will almost certainly already be familiar with your building project.

Schools 13,4 Mio
Hospitals 32,8 Mio
Hotels 12,0 Mio
Residential constructions 1,0 Mio
Shopping Centers 24,0 Mio
Universities 2,4 Mio
Traffic tunnel 1,2 Mio
Stations 13,4 Mio
Police and fire departments 1,2 Mio
Office buildings 0,68 Mio
nursing homes 1,9 Mio
Industrial buildings 1,6 Mio
Furniture stores  3,6 Mio
Other 1,0 Mio

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