DJM – an award-winning training company

DJM, the expert in planning technical building equipment, has always invested in subsequent generations of professionals. Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce has recognised the company’s exceptional focus on giving young people the best possible training by selecting DJM’s MAIKE MAYER as one of the best trainees in the city and honouring the company for its “outstanding services to dual professional training”.

A score of at least 91.5 out of 100 points in the final examination is required to receive the award as one of the best graduates of professional training in Hamburg. Fritz Horst Mesheimer, president of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, presented the award winners as the specialists and executives of tomorrow.

He said that through its annual awards for the best trainees, the Chamber of Commerce sought not only to honour young people for their top performance, but also the companies they train at for their exceptional commitment.

The award means a great deal for DJM in confirming the company’s philosophy that continuing quality can only be assured if employers invest in their most important resource: people. Trainees at DJM are not a cheap source of labour, but an important pillar in the continuation of companies.

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