DJM and hospitals

The management has 25 years’ experience in planning hospitals.

Over the last 28 years, DJM has planned a number of hospitals throughout Germany.

Manufacturing costs currently run to approx. €32,8 million.

Plans have been drawn up for the following areas (new and redesigned buildings):

  • Entrance areas
  • Central admission with up to 4 operating theatres
  • Operating theatres (up to 12 in one hospital)
  • Operating rooms
  • Recovery rooms
  • Central bed disinfection
  • Central sterilisation
  • Wards (up to 135 blocks)
  • Therapy areas with swimming pool
  • Office areas
  • Recreation areas
  • Refurbishment of central heating systems incl. water heating
  • Refurbishment of central compression stations
  • Refurbishment of central medical gas supply
  • Refurbishment of electric generators and medium voltage systems
  • Refurbishment of emergency power systems

and much more.

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